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Lucky To Meet You

In the natural scenery of Aba in western Sichuan, the road love film of the "August 837" tells the story of a beautiful dancer, Han Xiangzi, who is looking for a runaway autistic younger brother, Zhang Wei, who has been trapped and has to run the P2P company manager Li. Hao. The two went all the way to find the younger brother, while at the same time avoiding the pursuit and clarifying the truth. In the end, the brave Han Xiangzi and the witty Li Hao reunited with Zhang Wei with the help of the quantum intelligent robot Guwa, and together they took the lead behind the scene, Wang Xin. At the same time, Han Xiangzi and Li Hao also found their own soul and opened a new life.

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Duration: 92 Menit

Quality:  Trailer

Release Date: 08 January 2019